Ctrl – Alt – Delete or #RebootMedway

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Tomorrow is an important day for #TeamMedway for six days we shall be rebooting.

Like any computer, sometimes you need to ‘turn it off and back on again’ – I can almost hear you say “that’s what my IT team always say” – well more often than not the characteristically expected response usually works (for me anyway).

For those cardiac nurses amongst us, imagine a patient in atrial fibrillation who is haemodynamically unstable requiring a cardioversion, a synchronised shock will help set the abnormal electrical rhythm back into sinus – hopefully with the patient feeling much better.

Here at Medway Maritime Hospital our bed occupancy has been running at over 100% for a number of months, despite lots of hard work by our fantastic ED Team the 95% ED 4 hour quality standard has not been achieved and patients have been telling us that their experience of the emergency pathway wasn’t good – we all recognise this is not good enough for the people of Medway and surrounding areas so we needed to think creatively.

#RebootMedway is our very own synchronised shock or ‘turn it off and back on again’. Clearly no hospital can shut its doors for a few days whilst we reboot – so our fantastic staff have come up with a package of measures that we hope will deliver a step change in both quality for our patients and operational performance.

Whilst we would like to claim originality for this fabulous idea, we can’t – a number of organisations around the country have already tried this approach and they have been very successful, for example earlier this year Cambridge University Hospitals NHS FT had the ‘Perfect January’ and the Royal United Hospital in Bath had ‘Spring to Green’. We are hugely grateful to both organisations who have freely shared their highs and lows and helped our project team design a programme that has really captured the imagination of our organisation.

The Team led by Sarah, Susan and Tracy started planning for #RebootMedway about 5 weeks ago – this really is a social movement for change, one of the great things about #TeamMedway is the energy and enthusiasm for putting patients first and coming up with the right ideas to make a difference.

#RebootMedway is as much about a synchronised shock as it is about an opportunity for our whole organisation to collaborate and provide a real ‘oomph’ to put us on a better path. The NHS Change Day was a wonderful example whereby NHS staff committed to doing 1 thing differently, over the next six days we will be doing lots of things differently – having courage and being brave. If something doesn’t work – then find another way – and if that doesn’t work then find another way! Keith McNeil the Chief Executive at Addenbrooke’s often talked about the number of iterative ideas it took to get human kind on the moon – try, try, try and try some more.

We have over 170 back office volunteers who for one week are prepared to do something different, to have the courage to help find a different way – we are calling these good folk JustDoIt’ers who will support our frontline teams at ward and department level to do non-nursing and clinical tasks that sometimes create obstacles to first class patient care and experience. All non-essential meetings have been cancelled and emails are being discouraged.

A Gold command will be established and led by an Executive Director each day. All our partners are assisting and we have volunteers joining us during the week, Jenni Middleton Editor of the Nursing Times will also be part of the JustDoIt’ers Team.

What does #RebootMedway mean for our patients?

• The care we provide will be even more responsive and tailored to your needs.
• We will deliver safe, high quality care and an excellent experience.
• The entire hospital and all of our staff (including management and administrators) will be focused on supporting our wards and clinical departments.
• We want to continually improve the services we provide, so we will ensure we listen to your suggestions.

What does this mean for our staff?

• Enable us to deliver Better Care Together.
• Our patients are the focus of everything we do – right patient, right bed, first time.
• Releasing clinical staff from non-essential tasks to focus on clinical duties.
• Support services providing a rapid response service to clinical departments.
• Providing non-clinical staff the opportunity to be based in a clinical area to provide fresh eyes and feedback themes to the command centre.
• Working differently with clear support to make that happen.
• Empower you to – just do it!

During the week we shall be measuring a range of indicators to demonstrate improvement, but being brave and courageous can sometimes mean that we won’t get certain elements right – but often most of the fun is in the trying and we certainly intend to have fun this week. If nothing else the six days for #RebootMedway will provide valuable insight into how we work together and how our organisation can do the little things that make a big difference for our patients.

Since I joined Medway NHS FT just over two months ago I have continually encouraged everyone to simply #JDI bright ideas need enabling and cultivating, #RebootMedway is one such example that has captured the organisation from top to bottom and end to end, this really is the creative #TeamMedway at its best!

So, tomorrow I am the gold commander for day 1 – whilst I have a fairly flexible brief it will be about visibility, trouble shooting, ensuring our teams are thanked for their hard work, doughnut delivery and lots of love!

Until tomorrow, charging at 360j……..

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